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Senior SEO Consultant India

Pankaj Verma is a Senior Indian SEO Consultant at Ganpati ZonePremium Indian SEO Company. He was awarded with The Post Graduate Diploma in Management which is approved by the All India Council of Technical Education (AIMA), Ministry of HRD, Goverment of India.

Top Senior Indian SEO Consultant

Indian SEO Compan

Senior SEO Manager India

All India Management Association, Centre for Management Education, Registered under The Societies Registration Act 1860.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management conferred upon Pankaj Verma Registration No. 109620093 on successful completion of the programme, with specialisation in Marketing Management (MBA)

Senior Top SEO Consultant India
Senior Top SEO Consultant India

“We provide search engine optimization combined with online business management solutions.”


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  • Avatar Sahil warikoo ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Sir ,I m a fresher in digital marketing recently completed my course in digital marketing now looking to start my career in Digital marketing ,is there any vacancy,please revert.
  • Avatar Pascal Cooper ★★★★★ 7 years ago
    SEO Company is the best online advertising company there is. Period. These guys are absolutely fantastic. They have helped me promote my first movie and thanks to their tireless efforts, I have seen my fan base grow dramatically, clicks … More on all my social media are going through the roof, and my sales are skyrocketing. These guys leave no stone unturned and have the resources and the network to help you in many ways. if you are just getting something started they can launch it. If you already have something going they can build it, and if you already have something huge they can make it giant. They are friendly, hardworking, and easy going. You can't go wrong here and i would be surprised if you can do better anywhere.
  • Avatar Jonathan R ★★★★★ 7 years ago
    Excellent service, excellent experience and excellent results! I encourage you to Get The 90 Day SEO Trial for your business and after you get great results you will want to continue to use this service! Great job guys!
  • Avatar Salim ali ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Thanks for 24 hours customer support for SEO & Google Adwords Management.
  • Avatar Gopal Verma ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Thanks for posting educational & informative SEO videos at Ganpati Zone Youtube channel.
  • Avatar swadha mehra ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    The no.1 choice for seo in India.Thanks ganpatizone SEO company USA team for your PPC Google ads management services.
  • Avatar Jason Mock ★★★★★ 7 years ago
    Awesome page and awesome folks. Let the people at Ganpatizone take care of all your SEO needs.
  • Avatar Ganpati Zone ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    Ganpati Zone - SEO Company is the only agency that provides high quality online marketing and promotion services. The members of their team are real professionals in SEO.
  • Avatar Alex Yerkes ★★★★★ 7 years ago
    Ganpatizone - SEO Company (Internet Marketing Services) provides SEO Services at a great price. I highly recommend them. So if you want Website SEO/ Website Promotion get it done by them... They are the absolute best!
  • Avatar shiv Kumar ★★★★★ 4 years ago

Senior Indian SEO Consultant from Premium SEO Company from India on Spotify

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Pankaj Verma Top Senior SEO Consultant India MBA (Marketing) Delhi University, All India Management Association (AIMA)

How To Hire Top Certified Senior SEO Consultant India?

Hey, If you plan to Hire Senior Indian SEO Consultant.

Your search ends here for hiring the best senior SEO Consultant from India.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is not a black magic which can give you instant results.

For long term success no magical tricks – SEO is the answer.

SEO helps your website to stand out of the crowd which means more visibility.

Successful SEO means your site will get more visibility on the search engine, more clicks on your site and then which will convert to sales.

A good SEO always recommends SEO best practices for search engine friendly site.

SEO also means giving your online visitors good experience if they are coming from search engines, on desktop or mobile devices entire browsing on your site should be smooth. The is where Core Web Vitals with also includes website pagespeed optimization plays an important role.

In most cases, SEO with good practices need at least four to a year for a business to implement improvements and then evaluate the potential benefit.

Ask the SEO that they corroborate their recommendation with a documented statement from Google. What needs to be improved and what approach will be used to accomplishing the task.

This will help you to hire the experienced SEO professionals.

SEO best practice also includes Mobile friendly website, good navigation and building a great brand.

If you are a small business you can do SEO yourself but if you are a big brand you should hire best SEO professionls to do the work fast and on regular basis.

Top SEO Consultant India - Pankaj Verma (Former SEO Freelance India)
Top SEO Consultant India – Pankaj Verma

For a good online presence the general SEO hiring process:

  1. Conduct interview with your potential SEO and check if they seem genuinely interested in you and your business.

A) A good SEO should be more interested in your business, content or service and should should ask what is unique about your services and why it is valuable to customers.

B) How your common customer look like and how do they currently find your website.

C) How does your business make money? And how search results can help.

D) What other channels are you using for advertising? Offline advertising? Social Networks?

E) Who are your competitors? How they sell online and offline?

If the SEO you want to hire is not interested in the above. Then hire elsewhere.

It is difficult to do a good SEO without knowing the business goals, existing customers and other existing marketing efforts.

SEO should compliment your existing work.

  1. Check SEO references or SEO video references – don’t trust sometimes fake image references.

A good SEO is one with whom you love to work with, learn and experiment and who genuinely cares about you and your business not just getting your site get the highest rank as just ranking the site does not last long. But if the SEO you hire have the above qualities its a win situation for your orgainzation.

3. Ask for a paid technical and search audit as free onces are just an eye wash. You can contact Ganpati Zone for Offshore SEO Services India Free Keyword Research Trial!

Give them restrictive view of Google search console and even your analytics data.

Before they actually do anything ask them to conduct an audit.

If you are a big business you can hire multiple SEO for the audit and see what they have to say. Hire the good ones and move forward.

Ask for prioritized list what they think should be improved for SEO asap.

The SEO Audit Structure

SEO should prioritize improvements with the following:

1.The issue

  1. The suggested improvement
  2. An estimate on the overall investment

Time, money efforts it will take for your developers to make these changes for the SEO effort.

3.The SEO also needs to talk with the developers to understand any technical constraints which may exist.

  1. Estimated positive business impact.
  2. Plan how to improve on the implementation.


Review website for issues:

Internal linking
URL parameters
Server connectivity
Response codes

If the SEO audit says that your site has duplicate content. Then this has to be corrected if the same URLs are competing for the same query.


Break down your search queries into two categories:

Branded example like gmail

Unbranded example like email

Senior SEO Expert Consultant India | SEO Expert Indian | SEO Analyst India
Senior SEO Expert Consultant India | SEO Expert Indian | SEO Analyst India

The SEO should make sure that if the search query includes a branded query the visitor should be diverted to a specific information required by the visitor who already knows your brand and should help in the converting this into sales.

The SEO should also give you ideas like:

Unbranded/ general keywords improvements ideas

Update obsolete content

Improve internal linking – Like your best content is hard to find by the visitors.

Generate buzz – The SEO will say you have a great content but people do not know. Get more user interaction via social media and business relationship. This will help attract more potential customers and attract natural links to your site.

Learn from the competition.

A good SEO will tell you what your competitors are doing and how you should plan to add value and surpass them.

Best SEO will prioritize what ideas will bring business great changes in a short span of time with least investment and will also guide what are the improvements which will take long time and more investment.

  1. Think with a cool mind taking care of all pros and cons before you want to hire any Local or Offshore SEO Company
SEO Expert India | SEO Consulting India | SEO Specialist India
SEO Expert India | SEO Consulting India | SEO Specialist India

SEO Frequently Asked Questions(SEO FAQ)

Pankaj Verma, Top Senior SEO Consultant India

According to us if you work hard you can become the best SEO company and provide desired results to your clients which will result in increased ROI. The core team of any SEO company makes it best or worse with its work practices.

This depends on the brand value and past experience and how much hours are required. Mostly clients like fast work with less cost which result in black hat SEO tricks which should be avoided as its against the Google search policy.

Every one will say that he is the awesome SEO expert. If you are looking for a “Senior Indian SEO Consultant” in Google search you will find the answer. Pankaj Verma Pankaj Verma is a Senior Indian SEO Consultant. He was awarded with The Post Graduate Diploma in Management which is approved by the All India Council of Technical Education (AIMA), Ministry of HRD, Goverment of India. If he is on top of Google Search so can be your company too.

Again, everyone wil say we are the best SEO company in India. Your selection process should be based on your requirements and what type of solutions you get from the SEO team before you hire. Check the website current rankings for the keywords in Google search and ask for video references on their website.

SEO is expensive because time is money and SEO requires time. If time is invested in a correct way as per the Google optimization guidelines the results will be awesome otherwise no use.

SEO is the future career. It makes you all rounder. You can enhance your personal online growth and do the same for your clients. If you follow the best practices and invest the time properly you will see that in analytics the graph will go up and will be a growth for you or the company you serve. So using the best practices and self learning with self practical practice should be our approach. Then only this will become a good career.

The competiton is going high day by day and Google will also refine its practices so if the approach is to refine the results and provide the best answer in search results for the community. SEO is the only occupation which will be evergreen provided you are in ever learning mode.

SEO is magic if keywords, area or audience is selected in a way to get valid traffic. People who are searching or interested in your type of product or services will be very eager to purchase from you if your SEO display your website before them. So having valid traffic surely pays in long run.

SEO is not hard. But trying to learn in a shortcut way makes it hard to understand. Self learn with the ocean of knowledge in Google, YouTube videos can make you master of SEO and you can write down your own success story. Your choice should be the learn and then execute that practice in a practical way either for you or for your clients. Its only with the passage of time your SEO results begin to shine and you get more confident of yoru services.

Yes, you can teach yourself SEO. You should have time and inquisitive regarding SEO. The more is still less in this profession. But the results will be more rewarding and you will become more confident of yourself as the time pass. Self-discipline and hardwork with the right (correct Google SEO Practices) can give you more that the time you will invest. Just do it.

Yes you can do SEO yourself and even if you falter you will be able to learn many things. What mistakes i commited and what should i take care. What my competitors are doing and how to overcome the marketing tactics of your competitors. Vast ocean of knowledge related to SEO is only for FREE. You just need clear mind and focus to learn and invest your time properly.

No, initially SEO do not require any coding but which you do advanced SEO you will require coding like Microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD etc and many other codings but not in starter phase. The more you know the basics, more crystal clear the complex things of SEO will become in future.

Basic html knowledge is required for SEO. Plus even if you do not know html, I will say if you have a will you can make your way via hardwork.

You can become SEO certified by registering to various SEO Certification Programs.

Get yourself enrolled with various free SEO learning courses, watch YouTube videos, Google search and hardwork is the key to success.

Make your own free site and try to enrol to a free SEO course online. Google search and self practice to start with.

This depends on your own will and hardwork. Only experience teach SEO. No short cut or fast way.

Google Search for the basics of SEO. You can also learn from YouTube or register to various Forums of SEO. Make your own site and practice in practical way what you learn on daily basis.

SEO 2020 – Basically all the changes which happned to the algorithm of the search engines during a year can be called as SEO 2020.

Google search for SEO Basics, YouTube or various forums. Do survey and select the best ones to start with.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. What ever we use on our website needs to be optimized for search engines for SEO or PageSpeed SEO. White hat SEO, Black hat SEO, Gray hat SEO, Negative SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, Voice search SEO, Video SEO, Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO, Enterprise SEO.

On-page SEO & Off-page SEO

Some of the best SEO techniques are as under: 1. On-page optimization for great user friendly site. 2. Voice search optimization. 3. Mobile responsive. 4. Just focus on certain topics and not just keywords. 5. Content should be of quality and write as much as you can. But must be of quality. 6. YouTube SEO 7. Backlinks from various sources in your industry. 8. Search engine optimization basics must be correct.

The following are important SEO Techniques: 1. Make sure you include the important keywords in the urls. 2. Must use 301 redirects. 3. Build trust and brand. Upload favicon. 4. Duplicate content should be avoided. 5. Mobile URLs should be added to sitemaps for higher mobile search rankings. 6. Use robots.txt and ignore dynamic URLs. 7. Avoid capital letters in your website address URLs. 8. Use hyphen in the URLs. 9. Must use readable URLs.

Search Engine Optimization depends on various factors. Only a professional SEO consultant can audit your site correctly and guide you with steps which need to be taken to make your site healthy which will result in more visiblity of your website in the search engines.

Important Free SEO Tools are Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics & Google Search Console.

For fast SEO results we should do the following: 1.Optimize title tags. 2. Setup a preferred domain – www or non-www. 3. Use Relevant keywords related to page and every thing on the page for example text content, images, videos, pdfs or just anything on the page should be relevant and complement each other. 4. Internal links should be done in a way which should not confuse the user. 5. Republish old content of your blog with the current correct details.

Good SEO score results in your site in the top of search engine results. They are Technical, User Experience, Content and Mobile.

Google Search Console tool and Google Analytics are a great example of Google SEO Tool.

You can provide SEO services to business or individuals. Mean if you learn SEO and provide top rankings to your clients website and enhance website visibility. You can earn according to your hardwork and experience.

Yes, digital marketing can make you rich provided you are a regular learner and hardworking, use your SEO knowledge for the growth of your website visibility or your client.

Depends on your experience and how you satisfy your client. A fresher can earn more and an experienced can earn less. All depends on hardwork and just satisfy your client. If your client gets busines they will not mind paying you.

Ganpati Zone Premium SEO Company from India is offering 25% discounts for SEO Consulting Services in the following areas:

USA, Peru, Galapagos Islands, Italy, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), China, India

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Free SEO Consulting Tips To Boost Your SEO Rankings In Google Search

By SEO Consultant Indian, Pankaj Verma, MBA - Marketing, AIMA (All India Management Association)

  • PageSpeed optimization.
  • Schema Markup optimization.
  • Quality Content.
  • Length of web pages.
  • Social Signals.
  • Quality Backlinks.
  • Optimized Images.
  • Optimized Videos.
  • Search intent of user.
  • Website structure analysis.
  • Website content analysis.
  • Conversion rate analysis.
  • Off-page online analysis.
  • Optimization of website code and structure.
  • Optimization of onsite content.
  • Optimization of off-page factors.
  • Robots.txt
  • Indexed status.
  • Sitemaps.
  • Voice search optimization.
  • Poorly targeted keywords.
  • Poorly ranking content.
  • Duplicate content issues.
  • Missing pages (Of important topic).
  • Name-address-phone number inconsistencies (for local SEO).
  • Content focused on locality.
  • Unique title tags and meta descriptions for each product and service area.
  • Consistent NAP across every listing.
  • Authentic reviews, marked up with schema.
  • Reputable directory listings.
  • Authority building measures.
  • Clean up the code in your site so it runs faster.
  • Website internal links optimization.
  • Submit press releases.
  • Discover noncompetitive blogs and write free content for them in exchange for links.
  • Monitor rankings, traffic, and conversions on a monthly basis.

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