What is PPC, SEO & Google Adwords Management?

what is PPC SEO Paid Ads Advertising Google Adwords Management Company New York

PPC SEO Paid Ads Advertising Google Adwords Management Company

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What is PPC or SEO Services?

To boost traffic to your web site, you can use Pay-per-click (PPC) services or search engine optimization (SEO). Paid option to bring traffic to your website is PPC advertising. Paid advertising provided by Google is Adwords & Yahoo is Search Marketing & various other options can be explored for PPC ads. SEO should be done by certified SEO professionals as they will follow the guidelines of various search engines or otherwise your site can get blacklisted. Results via SEO optimizers are slow as compared to Paid PPC ads but they build strong base for organic visibility.

What is paid and organic search?

Organic search results or natural rankings are optimized results of your website done by SEO company, consultant, freelancer optimizers. In contrast paid search helps you to display your website in search engine results when someone is looking for specific keywords according to your industry.

What is organic and non-organic clicks?

Organic clicks: When results are visible on search engines because of their relevance for the search terms and they are not considered as advertisements. And, non-organic search results are paid results via (PPC) paid advertising.

What is paid and organic reach?

Paid reach: When your ad is visible to total number of unique people via paid ads. When our post is visible to total number of unique people without paid distribution is called as organic reach.

What is Google Adwords Management?

Google Adwords Management helps to gain visibility of your website by paid ads. Advertisers bid on certain keywords according to their industry. When a user search any keywords in search engines then paid results are displayed and are visible according to the high bidding advertiser. They are above the organic search resuls. These paid ads once clicked takes the user to the landing page of the advertiser where conversion goal, purchase or lead generation is completed. Google Adwords Managers mostly focus on (CPC) cost-per-click and keywords.

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What is Adwords campaign?

Adwords campaign is created in Google Adwords and mostly has many ad groups. Diffrent ad text is served under these ad groups based on connected keywords with these ad groups.

Is Google Adwords free?

Yes, Google Adwords is free online advertising tool. You have to add your billing information to activate your account. You are charged only when someone clicks on your ad according to the current bid of your keyword. No click on your ad then no charge.

What is Google ad?

Google marketing tool, Google Adwords is a online keyword bidding system where advertisers bid for keywords according to their industry. The higest bidding keywords appear on Google search results when user search for your high bid keywords. When the user clicks on these ads Google charges the bid amount from the advertiser and user is taken to the landing page of the advertiser.

Why any company should use Google Ads?

Google Adwords or PPC platform if optimized by professionals can save time and money of the organization and give desired ROI to the company.

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