What is mobile SEO or voice search optimization?

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What is mobile SEO or voice search optimization

2 days ago

Voice search and mobile SEO are very important for the growth of your business. People have no plans of mobile SEO which is going to take very big shape in near future.

What you should do to take advantage of this trend in your industry?

Today users are comfortable speaking on the mobile phones rather than typing any queries.

Voice search provides fast and satisfying search experience.

Voice search on mobile devices is going to shape up the growth & future of mobile SEO industry.

All phones are by default voice enabled.

According to survey more than 20% searches on mobile devices are via voice search.

Its predicted that more than 50% online searches will be via voice search by 2020.

So rise of mobile devices means growth of voice search.

Voice enabled mobile devices across all hardware at work or in the car or at home will always be close to your hand.

And according to a survey still more than 62% of mobile seo is without voice search.

This is due to lack of direction & guidance.

Here we will discuss some tips for mobile SEO optimization.

SEO for mobile search

Make your content for search engines to understand. If search engines are not able to understand your content or access your page then your chances to rank on first page of search results is very slim.

mobile seo voice search optimization company

Increase rankings via voice search:

Schema markup: With Schema markup we add structure data which gives instructions to the search engines about the site content via markup vocabulary tags and can be invaluable when a voice search query is received.

XML sitemaps: Helps search engines as well as people to understand the content of the website.

Site structure: Site navigation structure is very important. This helps when considering and making a purchase.

Before you start, get your mobile SEO audit for solid foundations and fast growth.

As now search engines have the ability to understant the context of any query due to more sophisticated algorithms like Google's Hummingbird update due to which semantic search became a reality.

You must test your mobile site http://mobiletest.me/ to see if its mobile optimized and we must remember that if your site is not userfriendly then the visitor will move to your competitor site.

Create content that responds to many common queries.

The content should be crawlable for the search engines and useful for consumers.

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