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Success Tips – Google Adwords


Success Tips - Google Adwords

Website PageSpeed Optimization | Google Ads Optimization | Optimize Google Adwords | Ganpati Zone

Website PageSpeed Optimization if you consider to run Google Ads. If your site is slow chances are that the visitor to your site will go away.

So PageSpeed Optimization is very important aspect of SEO & PPC.

This video gives you the Success Tips for Google Ads Advertising


Transcript of the video
Hi, So you were searching for Google Adwords and you are on this page.

I welcome you to Ganpati Zone. I am Pankaj Verma, Project Manager at Ganpati Zone.

So let’s get started…

So, you are interested in Google Adwords, you can do it yourself also and you can get it done by some individual, freelancer or company.

So what are the points you should take care of while starting the Google

Google Adwords is a very powerful tool, which will enhance your business if
it is properly channelized, if it is properly managed. To manage the Google
Adwords properly is a very big game, but its not that much challenging.

Because if you take your decisions yourself, then it can be challenging but if
you take decisions while discussing with the pioneers….. not saying that we
are the pioneers. But the guys who are already into this business like our
team who are 24 hours helping our clients worldwide with this type of
channel, challenges and making their business online success.

So, the points you should take care if you are handling yourself because cost
per click in Google Adwords costs you dollars, money. So you should take care
of the negative keywords.

The first point is the negative keywords, you have to take care because you
have to filter all negative keywords searches because these negative keywords
will bring the traffic which is not related to your business. So #1 is you
have to filter the negative keywords.

The second point, the second is your own keywords. You have to really
understand what are your keywords, when you decide your keywords. You have to
have keywords in various formats in the Google Adwords. Like broad match,
exact match and phrase match that can be done according to your target
audience, your target market or whatever you have to decide yourself or with
the consultants.

Then comes creating the campaign. The campaign should be as such which should
attract your target audience plus it should include the call to actions.

Plus in the Google Adwords there are various extensions, call out extensions,
review extensions which should be taken care of because these are the links
which bring the customers to you directly. That is called the CTR (Click
Through Rate) will increase so your business will rise. And then comes, there
are very very lots of things and i am describing. I have forgotten the points
but i am telling you the other things which you should take care of like,
geographical locations, like which is the target location you have to target
your audience. The demographics and the audiences. For example like the
gender, age, the hobbies of your target audience, the business, the job title.
These are the things if you will take care will filter out the all
unnecessary searches and will bring you much closer to your exact clients who
are searching for your kind of services and after this you should there are
lot of things and i don’t want to make this video very big.

And after this you should connect your Google Adwords with Google Tag Manager
because if lots of scripts goes to your site, the site becomes slow and if
all the codings like Google Adwords and various other conversions, because
you have to track the conversions also like, such are my ads running on my
website and people are visiting my website. You have to track the
conversions. How many people came from Google? How many people came from
Adwords? How many people came from various social media sites?

When you will be tracking all these conversions. You will have to add code on your website.

But we will be adding the code into the Google Tag Manager because if the
code comes from the Google Tag Manager the script on the site is removed
because we do not add the script to the site. If there is no script on the
site. The site speed enhances and the speed of the site is also very
important factor for the success of your business.

Because if you are doing the Google Adwords and if your site is open very slow, then who will wait for your site to load. The people…persons… the visitors will move out to some
other website. So the speed of the site is also very important.

Then comes the Google Analytics. Your Adwords should be connected to the
Google Analytics plus Google Optimize… and you will say the list is going
on and on.

Yes, my dear friends Google Adwords is not a single software, we work along
with various other softwares to make it a success.

Then comes the Google Optimize. With Google Optimize what we can do is… for
example, on the home page there is a video and in Google Optimize we can make
a clone of that page and on one page there will be a video on the top banner
and on another page there will be an image. Then, we can give it a trial run
for few days and find out how visitors on your site are reacting to the two
different pages. And which page brings you more customers, then we will switch
to that particular page and from there we will start a plan for your

So, these are some of the steps which you should take care of while deciding
that you are going to run your ads on the Google Adwords. If you will plan in
such a way like Google Optimize which i told you just now. The AB Testing of
the page, which page is bringing more business, so its like removing the
negativity out of the way and proceeding towards the goal and the goal is to
come close to the person who is already searching your type of services.

And if you are really interested, just send us your details in the form, email or
you can call us on our USA numbers or India numbers.

Hurry Up! SALE is ending soon. Just see the countdown timer. I am looking forward to talk to you. Have a great day.

Enjoy & stay connected with us!

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