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Hi folks, how are you. Ha ha ha ha so today we are going to discuss a very very important topic and that is using microdata with And you will say, what is Hey c'mon this is very important for the visibility of your website because these days everybody is discussing about SEO and various social media sites and the backlinking... backlinks to give visibility to your website. But just now just see this screen, just now you see this coding. This is the exact way that search engines really understand your website. Your webpage or a website if even it having videos, content or pictures. You see that but the way search engines get data of your webpage is in the format of coding that is like html, php or whatever and we have to insert the vocabulary inside this html coding so that the search engines really understand what the page is all about. So for example as a webmaster you are fimiliar with html tags. So for example if h1 tag, heading tag we write spiderman so it conveys to the browser to display the heading as a spiderman but the search engines do not really understand are we talking about the spiderman video or we talking about spiderman photo (image) so it does not give clear instructions to the search engines what the page is all about and due to this the search engines can't give refined results on the search engines and this effects the rankings. So inorder to make your page more informative for the search engines you should use vocabulary with the microdata, rdfa or Json+ld formats. It will make your website, webpage very specific, very informative for the search engines. For example, when we search something on the internet on, we go to google search when we are searching something. For example we are searching spiderman. It will display the results according to the information on the webpages but if a website is having a information according to the language which search engines really understand so you will be getting the benefit in the rankings and you will be ranking on the top of search engines.

If your SEO is correct, plus vocabulary is there on your page so it becomes very easy for the search engines to gather information and show your page on the search results.

So how to markup your content using microdata. So webpages when visible to human beings they can read the web pages and we can really understand whats on the web pages. But for the search engines they have the limited understanding of whats being discussed on your web page but when you insert this microdata language on the webpage it becomes really informative for the search engines to display results in a relevant way. And microdata tags can be used in a great way with html.

So lets start with an example. For example with the html div tag there is movie with h1 tag spiderman in the span we can write overthere director James Cameron. His date of birth and span science fiction and with the hyperlink of a trailer. But to give more information to the search engines in the div tag with have to write itemscope, this itemscopes gives instructions to the search engines that we are going to discuss about some element but this is not enough. The itemscope should be followed by the item tag and that should be so this gives the information to the search engines that we are going to discuss about a movie. The information is about a movie, the movie name is spiderman, its on the h1 tag and after this comes itemproperty, the itemproperty tells search engines that we are talking about particular name so h1, itemprop = name. Within the h1 tag spiderman conveys the information that this is the name of the movie. The itemprop name of the movie spiderman and the similar itemprop the director name is James Cameron. So if you follow this microdata in your html tags or whatever coding or whatever platform you are using. Your website will get more visibility on the search engines. And you can test your markup, Google provides Rich snippet testing tool. Once you are doing this you can test if the page is correct or not. If you have any further questions regarding this to make your website more visible to make your website one step ahead of your competitors you should give us a call, write a comment or send us a message. At your service always. Bye bye.

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