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PPC Campaign Optimizer

2 days ago

Improve Return Over Investment (ROI) for PPC campaigns.

It has become very harder for the brands to get more organic reach and connect with the audience. To get attention of the audience, what I personally feel that many companies will take help of Search Engine Marketing to enhance the reach and build marketing strategy according to PPC campaigns.

Improving AdWords efficiency or any campaign conversion rate optimisation with various approaches will definitely boost ROI without spending more budget.

Following are the important factors for generating more conversions in PPC campaigns.

Improve quality score of your keywords.

The business model of search engines is based on to provide relevant search results. Organic as well as paid results.

Your keyword is assigned a quality score by Google. Cost per click bid along with quality score determines the ad rank.

The quality score is determined by three factors.

1.Relevance of keyword with ad copy.

2.Landing page optimisation according to your keywords.

3. High level of engagement via click through rate.

Quality score can be improved if we take care of click through rate. Therefore as a PPC optimizer you should always start with optimising the CTR.

You should take care that are your keywords are really aligned with your campaign content. Your ad campaign should have the various keywords which the user may type in the Google search to get relevant results.

It's advisable to have each campaign targeted to a particular keyword of a product or service, with a specific ad group so that this gives the user relevant search results for increasing click through rate.

Relevancy of the keywords,ad copy and the landing page experience is very important. If an ad group is targeting for a particular keyword then search results should be according to the user searches. If someone is searching for "women red dresses" and if same is our keyword. Then it targets to that particular ad group so our ad copy which is aligned with this keyword will show in Google results "women red dresses" and when a user see this result and as our ad copy according to the user searching keywords, so the user is more likely to click on our ad which shows the similar content as per the searching keywords.

Remarketing or retargeting ads

When visitors comes to your site and they really do not understand your type of services or is not impressed by your landing page and leaves your website. This is considered as a bounce rate. This means the customer has left your website and will never come again. So we should consider this as an opportunity which might have been converted into business but its lost because our website or landing page was not up to the visitors expectations. So to regain these type of visitors, we should take care of them by using remarketing ads. These types of ads help bringing lost visitors who have previously visited our website. our retargeting or remarketing ads will follow them. We should try to make our retargeting/remarketing ads with different ad content copy so to take this ads to the next level. The content should be such that should bring the user one step closer to the company and we should try giving some benefits, discounts and offers so that this might give attraction to the user to contact you via phone call or by various any other means and for doing this you should restructure your landing pages because these are the visitors who have already visited your website and gone without any interaction.

Remarketing ads should be addressed to each individual in a specific way if someone is searching for black shoes our retargeting remarketing ads should follow that person only with black shoes. Various other factors are also involved in this this will be taken care in the next article.

Different type of customers have different tastes and respond differently. So we must split test our remarketing ads strategy and compare the results. Some customers might respond to images ads and some might respond to the video ads.

If you are in touch with your local influencers in your target market then you should connect them. Your audience will easily connect with them & helps in increasing the trust factor.

The main reason for the remarketing ads is to bring back the lost customers and this is the best way and great opportunity for us if we can add value to our strategy funnel.

The power of Machine learning AI

For a high performance of your AdWords account you have to give some time for machine to really understand your account strategy to give you the best output. According to the AdWords, budget management & automatic bids can be taken care much better than the individuals. If we further optimize machine learning we can get much more filtered and desired results.

Ad extensions

They expand the ad with more text information. Connecting with the customers and giving them a reason to click on your ads. Ad extensions increase the ad click through rate.

Various Ad extensions are:

Sitelink Extensions: Links to relevant pages on your website. Callout Extensions: Add on text what you offer. Example free delivery. Structured Snippets: You can add product specifications. Location Extension: Address or telephone numbers.

As more searches are on mobile devices these days so the following extensions are very important for mobile ads.

Message Extensions: User can send text message to the advertizer from mobile ads. Call Extensions: User clicks the ad and call gets connected with the advertiser.

Advanced Targeting

Many people are aware about the targeting in the Facebook but still majority of the people are unaware of this functionality which is provided by Google AdWords. Google has a tremendous data and they allow the users to use the data according to the business requirements. The data is available in the various categories like telecommunications, travel and real estate etc.

You just need a specific strategy to target various social media sites & Google AdWords according to your company's marketing requirements. For details Contact Us.

PPC Campaign Optimizer

If you really want to increase your sales you just need to magnify your products or services visibility in your target business area. You must be very clear about various ways to reach your end customers. Give us a call or contact our SEO Consultants today!

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