Paid Ads Optimization Services via SEO Company

Paid Ads Optimization Services via SEO Company

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You need to have a strategy to optimise paid ad campaigns. New product/ services launched by pay per click campaigns or search engine marketing will not be a success if you have not done the groundwork which is necessary for the promotion of your online venture.

You might be under the impression that getting more exposure and visitors to your website is enough and you will be able to sell more products. More visitors to your site means more sales more conversions, perfect?

Sorry, you are wrong.

Your priority should not be Paid Ads. What might seem as a attraction to you for instant results might not be true in reality. The process of online marketing/ online advertising is very very unpredictable. Let's go in detail ins and outs of marketing for your agency to market your products/ services.

Major reasons for the Paid Ads campaign failure.

Your company starts an advertising campaign and you purchase LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ads. You can also use AdWords and Google display network as your main concern is to drive more traffic to your site. The logic which you think is if you have more traffic it will convert into business and conversion means more money for you.

This platform do not understand about your company therefore the end result is high cost per click rate. To get the benefits of the Paid Ads, the visitor to your site should have a high user engagement if you are new on your products or services and you and your company is unknown online so you will not be able to achieve high user engagement on your website.

Paid Ads just provide you with an opportunity to bring in traffic to your website, with no high user engagement and you can just sit back and watch the high traffic which results in low click through rate and low engagement at your side. Due to this cost per click rate goes high.

New companies mostly fall into this vicious cycle of Paid Ads marketing.

Just try to think for a second, if your audience does not recognise you or is not able to really understand what you are trying to sell. So definitely they will not have any interest in you. So with no interest, means they will not buy the services or products from you. There will be no user engagement at your site or at your campaign level, which results in high cost. The company will suffer wastage of resources of money and time.

Solution for this is that you should not take paid advertising approach first, but try to get exposure for your company's website. Try to get Search Engine Optimisation. Get your company visible in the organic search. This will lead to high customer engagement and trust level in your target zone. So you should avoid wasting money on the Paid Ads initially and try to wait till the solid foundation with the organic and white hat SEO, which will increase traffic to your website. This process is slow but will build a strong foundation for your business website.

If your website SEO in the organic results is correct. You will see your company name (Ganpati Zone search result snapshot in Google Search) on the top of Google search without paying anything for the Paid Ads. With other keywords your company should also be visible on top of search engine results.

Paid Ads Optimization Services via SEO Company

And all this very important. If your website is on top of Google search results, more people will see and visit your website and as they visit your website they will interact with it, engage with the content on your website. Hence the trust of your brand name increases if most of the time with all your keywords you are always ranking on top of major search engines.

Major factor for paid advertising is that you should have a solid hi-level of user engagement of your site before you start with Paid Ads. It's only after the high user engagement at your site your Paid Ads will provide you the optimum result with high engagement at low cost per click and conversions.

Second most important factor is that you have to really understand about your audience. Who they are? Which social media sites they visit most? What is their age? What is their location/ demographics. If you know all this then it becomes very easy for you to target your product or service to a particular location or a target zone.

So to start with, if you have a high level of a user engagement at your site. Which is done by the SEO and organic search results so chances are that these type of users already know your company brand name as they previously already had visited your website. You must target these users for your paid ad campaigns for your sales. You should plan remarketing ad campaigns or other type of campaigns where you can get the users back to your site who have already trust levels with your company will definitely have increased high engagement level plus the cost per click will reduce tremendously. Which means gain for business organisation.

Sometimes, when you are browsing through Facebook Twitter or any social media site. All of a sudden you see some sponsored ad listings which might appear before you and you might not at all be interested in that particular product or service. Sometimes you think why I am seeing this particular ad, as you are not really interested in this type of a product or service. The reason is simple that company who is doing this Paid Ads has not really done the research for the target location users, interest or habits and that is the reason you see the ad which are not valid or useful for you and due to this increase wastage cost for the company for using this type of Paid Ads without actually knowing the audience for their business.

So you have to work hard to eliminate all these types of audience which are really not useful for your business products or services. So you have to target your ads for better results.

Another important factor is that, there should be some connection between your keywords, ads and the landing pages. You will very surprised that majority of campaigns have no cohesion between landing pages, ads and keywords.

For example if in Google search a user types SEO company in Palam Vihar and you see ad campaign on top of Google search results which mentions SEO company in New Delhi and when a person clicks on this ad it takes person to the page SEO company in USA. So hope you try to really understand the person is searching the SEO companies in Palam Vihar which is in Gurugram/Gurgaon in Haryana but the top ad campaign which the users see is SEO company New Delhi so if person clicked on this and he was taken to a page with the SEO company USA. User experience is affected and chances for the higher level of user engagement is very low. So what is recommended is that that your keywords should work in cohesion with your ad campaigns and landing pages so the user experience and engagement also increases.

The speed of your landing page is very important, in other words how much time your landing page takes to load on desktop or a mobile device. First impression is the last impression in business. So if your website or landing page takes too much time to load chances are that the user will move to the next option and does you will miss a business opportunity.

How to have a very fast and a successful landing page experience. Try to understand what your client is really looking for and then provide a relevant content, image, video or whatever according to your business requirements and try to reduce the file size of the images or videos. If you optimise the page correctly the landing page speed will increase.

Landing page experience for the visitor should be very easy and it should not in any way irritate the user otherwise you will experience bounce rate & the visitor will go from your website.

Having call to action phrases, buttons or links are very important and they should be placed in front, centre of the sides in order to be visible and making the navigation on your page very easy to understand by your visitor. Always keep in mind that the visitors are always impatient and if they are not able to find what they were looking for they will go to your competitors website.

Unnecessary gaps on in your website should be avoided because the effect the UX of your site.

For fast page loading speed you can also use the services of CDN content delivery networks. Other easy way is to minify the HTML, JavaScript, images, videos file so that the page load much faster than before.

If you are having a problem building a targeted traffic to your website don't just plan for the Paid Ads campaign. Just try to work on the basics, the organic search results so that you should raise awareness about your brand and cultivate the levels of trust and loyalty of your customers and once you achieve this and you see that there should be connection between your keywords, ad campaigns & landing pages and page must load very fast. Then you should plan for the paid ad campaigns for the success of your online business venture. For details Contact Us.

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Paid Ads Optimization Services via SEO Company


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