Increase your store sales with website Optimization and social media marketing strategy

Increase your store sales with website Optimization and social media marketing strategy

Increase your store sales with website Optimization and social media marketing strategy

2 days ago

Local business small and medium size are not able to increase sales online and offline even though they have a good variety of branded products. Most business still use the old social media marketing techniques which were very very useful pre 2018 and that is the reasons their sales do not pick up. Even if you have a very big and spacious showroom but if you are still using the old social media marketing techniques with a very old website more than 3 years old, these are the reasons which do not attract your customers. Your competitors might be using the right ways of online & offline marketing promotions so that's the reason they are having more sales online and offline.

The importance of social media for your business. Recommendations are very very credible form of advertising and if they are via friends and family people really trust a lot. Do you know that where shoppers ask this type of recommendations? You'll be surprised that more than 51% turn to the Facebook and ask for the various recommendations for the shopping.

Your presence on social media is very important. Having a Facebook page and engage with your visitors so that they should comment, like and share your post & that when they do this your business will be visible to their connections online.

Yes recommendations are very important and that is the reason your store will get more visibility online free of cost. Vast majority of people search online about the various stores in their local area. So if your website is SEO friendly (SEO optimized) chances are that you will be visible on top of the Google or search engine searches.

Facebook & Google reviews are very important for your business because if someone is searching keyword the 'best clothing store near by' or 'the best branded store online' Facebook/ Google algorithm and various other social media sites first search reviews to show results. If you have great reviews then chances are that you will be ranking on the top of the results if you have latest reviews. If you're having no reviews or some backdated or rotten reviews chances are that you will be there on the 3rd or the 4th page or might not even be indexed in the search engines. Online consumer reviews are very important as more than 2/3 of people trust these reviews and choose one product or one business over another.

Previously Google searches work based on keywords and anchor text but as the search engine has evolved, Google and various search engines tries to understand the various topics as much as keywords to give the best results always on the top search results. Keywords are not dead but Google and search engines are very intelligent to give you the best results as they know what you exactly are searching for if they find that in the reviews or in the content of your website you will be always, most of the time on the top of the search results and visible in your targeted area.

Skyrocket your store sales with the Search Engine Optimisation and social media management. When you converse with your shoppers or check their emails or talk with them at your store always try to notice what they ask about your products. I am looking for ______, Where can I search this product_____, Can you help me _____, how do I ______. So these are the words to be used as your keywords because these are the search queries of your shoppers.

You should fine tune best keywords and use as much as possible on your website homepage of your store, about us page and the contact us page of your web site. Also use freely this type of keywords on your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Search engines love topic clusters. This send signals to the search engines that your content is having a great authority for any particular types of keywords or content. For example if you have a webpage of pens and another website page of stationery products and third web site page of various brands of inks & erasers. So now you have to find a way keep all the three pages connected. So you are having a clustered topic. You can title these pages as 'Ink Pens Improve Your Handwriting' & other page can be 'Erasers & Geometry Box' so all these three pages will be interlinked and when a visitor visit one page and click on hyperlink and goes to another page search engine loves to see deep engagement of your website content.

Your website should be fresh and updated with latest technology. Before people come to your store, they first see you online so you should not take chances and get the best website design for your store. Do not give this project to your friend's daughter or someone in your family, you are doing a business and you have to be a professional, get your website done by the website professionals with the latest technology and that should be much better than your competitors.

Be sure that your store is on the social network try to post photos, videos. Engage with your customers and provide them some offers and give them a chance to visit your store or purchase online according to your business marketing plans.

Always be responsive to your visitors messages on social media because no ones like to wait, whatever type of enquiry you are getting, try to respond asap. Autoresponders on the Facebook, various other social media platforms also provided this automated messages facility and you should try to use them and always be connected with your client instantly.

Always educate your followers with Facebook live videos. This is very good technique to get connected with your clients. Explain your products features and show variety of latest products at your store and what products are included online. When consumers see this in the video chances are that they will give you a call, visit your store send you email and the chances for selling your products increase. If you want more store visitors, make sure that fresh stock is not available online. This will force your clients to visit store. After few months the products can be live online to public. This will make your local customers feel special & if you do not understand this you can contact Ganpati Zone SEO company consultants to increase your online sales & we will skyrocket your skills instantly to boost your business.

Participate in a trade booth and some charity event, educate and showcase your latest products. You can connect with the emotions and have great human connections.

So you should always be up to improving your social media marketing strategy. Which will help you to gain more sales. Get your website SEO optimized, engage your customers on social media because these are platforms from where consumers will first see your store and get more information about your products before making the final decision to visit your store or purchase via your online website.

So if you are not visible online then chances are that your competitors will gain those customers. It is very important for all companies to be social online but what about being social offline in your store. When someone enters in your store you should take care of every visitor at your showroom and have a courtesy to guide them properly to the various products in your store. Salesperson at your store should not be a dummy but they should the help and educate the visitors about the various products around and try to assist them and try to tell them the various uses/ features of a particular product so that the customer feels that the product is really important for the purchase. Hence you must always take care that social media brings the customer at your doorsteps but to convert that into a business depends what type of experience you give to the customer within your own for walls.

You are most welcome to contact Ganpati Zone for increasing your store sales online & offline to the next level. Our store promotion experts will provide you free consulting related to store marketing & advertising, so that you can implement that for the growth of your online store marketing business.

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If you really want to increase your sales you just need to magnify your products or services visibility in your target business area. You must be very clear about various ways to reach your end customers. Give us a call or contact our SEO Consultants today!

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