Improve website page speed for SEO via Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix

Improve website page speed for SEO via Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix

Improve website page speed for SEO via Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix

2 days ago

Improve website page speed for SEO via Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix.

Hi I am Pankaj Verma, Project Manager at Ganpati Zone. Today, we are going to discuss about website page speed.

But before we proceed further the background let me tell you that the background Músic in this video is by e-soundtrax and its link is given in the description below.

So improve website page speed for SEO via Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix.

Huge ranking factor in SEO is website speed. If your site loads fast its likely to rank highly and a great customer experience.

We recently improved the speed of our site and so this video is going to help you to optimize your website for fast website page speed and enhance your rankings in search results.

Google PageSpeed Insights - gives you suggestions to optimize the content of your website page for fast page speed.

So what are you waiting for just follow the instructions and go and check how your site is performing in Google PageSpeed Test.

You can go to google search and type Page Speed Insights and then click on Page Speed Insights - Google Developers Link.

Once you click on the link you will be required to enter your website url to know your webpage speed performance.

Now HIT the Analyze button and you will get the report for Mobile & Desktop PageSpeed Insights of your website.

You will find optimization suggestions based on the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Try to resolve the issues for fast page speed.

Then you can get a much faster & streamlined site.

Another tool better than Google Page Speed Insights is GTmetrix. Its much better then Google PageSpeed Insights and gives a deeper level of your site analysis.

You will able to access the solutions to your problems and you can resolve them according to your priority. It means that you can focus your time on the most important factors first and then work down.

Each error report which needs optimization comes with its issue resolving information beneath it to help you understand what needs to be fixed and what its for and you will get more clearity.

For more details click on the description link of this video. Please feel free to comment, discuss, share this video & contact us if you need any further support regarding this issue. Our team will be happy to support you.

Please let us know if this video is useful for you. Your feedback will be highly appriciated and ignite us to make more videos & share the latest important seo techniques with you for boosting your website SEO rankings instantly.

For details Contact Us.

Improve website page speed

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Improve website page speed


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Increase website page speed

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