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The following research is based on Google - Think insights


And independent marketing research company was commissioned by Google for understanding attitude of consumers about click to call ads within the organic and paid mobile search results. Under the study the behaviour of consumers was studied within the different Google verticals auto services, local services, technology, retail, finance, restaurant and travel.


Online survey of 20 minutes was done on between July 2nd and July 8 2013. 3000 respondents recruited for this survey.

For this research following was the criteria:

Aged between 18 to 74 years

Smart Phone users

And had done shopping in at least one of the verticals like auto, local service, technology, retail, finance, restaurant and travel. A survey which included click to call features. Number of questions were asked to consumers after they saw the sample mobile search engine results page. The questions were regarding their journal thoughts and regarding the specific questions about click to call and the vertical which they used for the recent purchases .

Click to call ad features on mobile devices.

Call button features on organic mobile search results and on the mobile search ad

Key findings

Click to call ad is very friendly feature for the mobile devices. At least 70% of the consumers use click to call ads to connect instantly with the business directly from Google search results or just any search engine.

Click to calls are very valuable. More than 61% of mobile uses state that this type of mobile ads are very important for online shopping.

Directly connected to the brand.

47% off the mobile users said that if a business is not having click to call add numbers associated with their search results then they might explore other brands.

For mobile search ad campaigns it's an important tool. Click to call ads adding a phone number to mobile ads enhances the click through rate at least by 8%

Click to call ads are favorites of mobile shoppers 70% off mobile consumers use the Call button.

In the survey it was found that the frequency which required for directly connecting with the business on the mobile search.

Always 12%, frequently 39%, sometimes 35% , rarely 12% and and never 2%.

Following shows the percentage of for users who will use the click to call ads if their smartphone has the capability to connect with the business instantly. Across all the vertical the results are as following.

69% for local services, 60% auto, 51% tech 49% travel, 47% finance, 44% restaurant and 37% retail.

The reasons for using click to call ads. Real answers and quick feedback.

Why the consumers used click to call ads and not used website contact form or other means.

59% said for quick answers , 57% for they wanted to talk to real person, 54% as the required more information which is not available on the website, 44% because they wanted to discuss something with can't be discussed otherwise, 43% said that they wanted accurate information, 42 person said that it is more convenient, 12% said that as the product or service is expensive so they need to talk to the company and make the purchase decision.

With click to call ads people accomplish wide variety of tasks.

Following is the percentage of consumer who called directly to the business for a specific task.

To enquire about the business hours 52% To fix an appointment or reservation 51% Inventory availability booking information 47% To compare prices 43 % For promotions enquiry incentives or deals 39% For local information or to get directions 39%

Various industries use click to call to accomplish this task and there are some variations because of different industries.

Of all the points discussed above few addon questions are as follows:

Purchasing some services or products over the phone Compare the product price Request for more information. To keep some order on hold.

During the research phase the functionality of click to call ads was most important.

Following is the data during each phase of decision making which is extremely very important using click to call ads:

Inspiration is 30% - this is a time when you realise that you need to purchase. Research 52% - this is a time when you research for your purchase. Purchase 61% - this is a time when you purchased. Post 40% - this is the behaviour after your purchase.

The percentage of purchase or transaction percentage of consumers who call businesses.

Frequently 31% Always 8% Sometimes 41% Really 17% Never 4%

Before making any purchase price is a very important factor which determines the consumer call preferences.

The following is the mean price point which describes that when a consumer is more likely to call a particular business for transaction or purchase.

Auto $1,195 Finance $416 Travel $320 Tech $265 Local $170 Retail $119 Restaurant $33

Above are the highest price threshold.

Consumers perception of a business can be damaged if there is no Call button.

Following are the statements which describe how consumers feel when they are not able to call any business directly from search results via their smartphones.

If there is no Call button the following are the survey results.

47% consumers will explore other brand. 47% will become frustrated/ annoyed. 35% will be disappointed with the company or brand. 34% will not affect. 33% will not use the brand. 33% will not recommend brand or company. 27% less trust for company or brand.

Call length is important according to the 88% off mobile searchers.

For purchase/ transactions over the phone the ideal length for the call duration is as follows for various industries.

Restaurant 2.9 Retail 3.8 Tech 4.3 Local 4.4 Auto 4.8 Travel 4.8 Finance 5.3

So the overall average call length is 4.4

Click to call ads are very valuable and substantive for industry. At least 72% of the calls via click to call at least last longer than 30 seconds. From the search ads on an average call last for 6 minutes. Search ad performance is increased by call button. There is an increase of at least 8% when call extensions are enabled in AdWords advertising. Business receive millions of calls via click to call ads each month. On an average calls driven by Google click to call ads each month is 40 Million. Using click to call ads extensions in Google AdWords helps you to connect with your customers instantly. When you implement this checklist to call extensions Google AdWords give you access to specific reporting metrics such as caller area codes and call duration. You can also schedule your quick to call ads so that the call extension shows up during specific timings. Click to call ads are very important for your business and you should measure the results for the optimum use for future strategy. You should optimise your campaign so that more calls should be generated for your business. identify those keywords which bring more business to you and refined them more so that to get more benefits.

For travel industry quick to call ad is very important around the world.

Following is the percentage of consumers who are more likely to call the business if they find call facility on their smartphones.

Hotel 58%

Car 60%

Airline 30%

Consumers which are searching for quick service dining, half of those will definitely place a call from the search.

If there is a facility of click to call ads on smartphones then the percentage of consumer who will use click to call ads facility is as following:

Quick service 49%

Fine dining 38%

In finance sector, if phone call option is given on the search then for bank account information, consumers inquiries will be 6/10 of searches.

If this facility is available on the smartphone then the percentage of consumer who will call is as following:

Investment 45%

Bank account 58%

Insurance 41%

In the retail sector, the calls from this sector is least but if given a chance nearly half of those who are searching might place a call.

If this facility is available on the mobile devices smartphones of the consumers then the following percentage of consumers might give a call to the business.

Home goods 46%

Apparel 29%

In Technology industry, at least half of the consumer searching are more likely to place a call if click to call ads call facility is available on smartphones then the percentage of consumers who will call technology related business is as following:

Tech services 56%

Electronics 46%

The highest likelihood for using click to call ads from search via online searches is for the local business.

Percentage of consumers who are more likely to call a particular business if this capability is available on their smartphones.

Professional 72%

Home 66%

More than half of the auto searches will definitely use click to call ads for services/parts or vehicles, if this click to call ads facility is available on smartphone then the following percentage of consumer will give call to the business.

Used 60%

Parts/ services 62%

New 55%

Decision making process in phases.


Inspiration - when you think to visit restaurant.

Research - the time when you look that videos restaurant firms menu prices reviews.

Purchase/ ordering - when you place an order at a restaurant.

Experience - Uploading a photograph checking the restaurant via social media network.

Post experience - recommending to family and friends or writing a review.


Inspiration - when you realise that you want to make a finance related transaction.

Research - this is a time when you actively look search your account or financial transaction.

Purchase - this is a time when you open account and make financial transactions.

Post purchase - sharing your experience with family and friends writing a review.


Inspiration - the time when you think that you require to purchase a vehicle or automobile.

Research - this is the time when you actually participate and look into the price, makes/models brands, dealerships etc.

Purchase - when you purchased the vehicle. parts or service.

Post purchase - uploading photograph, writing reviews, recommending your family and friends.


Inspiration - When you think you realized that you need local service.

Research - When you look at prices, companies and other service options.

Purchase - When you commit to pay for your local service.

Post purchase - Sharing experience/ photos, recommending to family or friends, writing a review.


Inspiration: When you want to do booking for travel.

Research - When you actively research your travel plans by looking destinations, prices etc.

Purchase/Booking - When you book your trip.

Experiencing/ Traveling: Sharing your experiences, photos, recommending to family or friends, writing a review, etc.


Inspiration - The time when you realized that you want to purchase a retail or technology product.

Research - Looking into price styles, features etc.

Purchase - The time when you purchase.

Post purchase - Sharing experience, photo, recommending to friends and family, writing a review, etc.

Click to call ads - Google Adwords. Research is based from Google - Think insights. For more details regarding Click To Call Ads | Google Adwords Management | PPC Ads Contact us Today! For details Contact Us.

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