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Starting a new business?

2 days ago

Hi again from Pankaj, Ganpati Zone. So if you starting a new venture, new business in your mind so definitely the company's name you must have registered or you are in the process of registering your company's name. So next comes the domain name. Domain name represent your company online. So it's very important to select the domain name which should be very easy to write and recollect by your end users, by your target audience. So basically, the other point is you should use the domain name according to your industry and your branding plus there are various other sites from where you can purchase old domain names, like there might be some companies who must be, must have done some business like your business, so they might not be doing the business just now and the domain must have expired, but those domain names might have good SEO value. So you have to just search online the resellers of old domain names in your niche according to your industry and it if it is having good as you value, so you should go in for that because if you select those domain names and build your website accordingly so definitely your SEO power will be boosted instantly. But the points to be taken care of is that those domains should not be spammed or should not have anything against any search engine policies. So if you take this much care, so you are a step ahead of your competitors.

Now the second step and the most important step is your website. Website represents your company online. Even if you have a good showroom or office but no one is going to come to your office straight. The first impression is the last impression, the first impression is your website. Many people just want one page website, not costly website but its wrong. Your website should be the best one in your industry and best among your competitors in your target area, so that whosoever is searching for you or your type of keywords definitely he will take the quotations from you and your competitors and if your site is good, your price is good definitely you will catch the deal. So basics is a good website. The structure of the website, the SEO structure of the website should be great. The website should have the latest technology for your website and content on your website should be fresh and not copied from any website. Website images should be very lite, means that images used on the website should be optimized in such a way so that when the site is downloading on mobile devices or the desktop it opens, it should open very fast because if the images are heavy the load time increases and this affects the ranking on the search engines of your website. So these basically are few important tips and tricks if you follow definitely your SEO power of the website will get boosted instantly. So once you are done with your site, contact form or the chat on your website are very important and your contact number and address and other details which you want really want to highlight should be visible on the first page itself and highlight it, because you should not want that the your customers should skip that and if there is any offer going on it should be very very very much visible to the visitors on your website and web site should be mobile responsive means like on the mobile devices it should have different structure of the desktop different structure and the phone numbers on the mobile devices should be clickable if someone sees your mobile number he clicks and directly gives you a call. And once your website is done you should get backup of your website from your website developer because if something happens, developers goes away somewhere, you are stuck up. So basics is that once the website is complete get the backup on a cd so if something happens, you can use the backup or otherwise you will have to get again website done and take all those lot of pains. Once your website is done next step is to try to register your website to the local search engines for the local target area where you want to expand your business. It can be local, international if you can do this yourself that's great if you want to hire some company, you can hire some company.

If you hire professionals work will be done very fast you will be receiving enquiries and all the things because if you are not expert in this thing so definitely you will not be able to catch the market as your competitors are already doing. So the basics is you should follow your strategy and once you follow your strategy and if you always take care of what your competitors are doing in your niche, if your competitors are following a strategy your policy should be one step ahead of them. If you are not one step ahead of them chances are you are loosing a business, you are loosing a business deal. So basically do smart work and not hard work. And with smart work you will definately catch your deal and be a leader in your industry.

The next point which i really want to mention which some people ask us like in social media, google adwords if they can do themselves why they should hire the companies to do that particular type of advertising and my answer is very simple. Like you are having a fever you go to a doctor or you go to a chemist. I am sure you go to the doctor. Because self medication is sometimes very harmful for you because working on your ads and working on your social media yourself you can catch a deal, few deals but you can not kill the competition, you can't become the leader, you can't know what your competitors are doing because it is not your field. Companies like us who are working 24 hours and doing this type of work know what competitors strategy is what we should do according to the Google policies. So that our site should not get spammed by various search engines because their are number of things which has to be done according to the policies and in the right way to kill the competition. This is the only reason that you should get your social media, seo, ppc, adwords done by certified professionals who are expert in this. Because when you are doing all these things yours main concern is that you want to be the leader in you industry and its just not like you are spending money and you get few orders and you are happy. No you are getting all the things because you want to be the leader in your industry and that is the reason you have to find the best companies who can offer you their skills so that you should be the leader.

And next comes the PPC, once you have the solid foundations of SEO next step is PPC. Because when someone is searching for your kind of keywords with SEO it takes time to come up in google search engines, some keywords are very hard to get on the search engines. So basically you should have a plan. Some keywords should be done by SEO and some should be done via PPC (Pay per click) they are called the sponsored listings.This can be on facebook, google adwords, bing, yahoo search marketing according to your business and according to your strategy you have to use and if you do not know, you can use the company like us, can guide you properly so that you can get your return of investment. And once you start with paid campaigns it becomes killer campaigns for your competitors because you will be seen on the top of paid results and when someone scrolls done you will be also there in the organic listings. So the chances are that for all your major keywords if you are on the first page you will definitely crack the deal.

Because if someone is searching for your kind of business he will definitely not search only one keyword, he will definitely search few keywords in your industry and if for all the major keywords of your industry, you are ranking on the first page, on the paid listings and on the organic listings. The chances are very very high that you will be the leader in your industry.

Because if someone is searching for your kind of business he will definitely not search only one keyword, he will definitely search few keywords in your industry and if for all the major keywords of your industry, you are ranking on the first page, on the paid listings and on the organic listings. The chances are very very high that you will be the leader in your industry.

googel adwords consulting company in india

So if you have any other query, questions please do not hesitate just comment over here. Give us call, send us email we are there to help you, support you, so that your business should prosper, grow and definitely if you are connected with us. You grow and we also grow along with you. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Google Adwords & Facebook Remarketing Strategy via SEO

Bring back visitors to your shop/ website again. Just connect Remarketing with your SEO Strategy & save money for high bid keywords. To know full process, tips & tricks just listen/ watch full video. - Pankaj Verma - SEO Consultant at SEO Company -

Good morning, good afternoon & good evening. Whatever the time zone you are in. So today, this video Pankaj from G Zone, Ganpati Zone is going to tell you, how to connect the remarketing Facebook and remarketing of Google with your SEO and enhance your visibility. If you use the paid marketing directly, it is very very costly. But in this video, we are going to tell you that tips and tricks. Which you can use with the remarketing strategy. Your business will zoom. So watch/ listen this video till end to know the details which you should use in your business strategy to enhance your sales.

What is remarketing? Remarketing means all the visitors who have visited your shop, showroom or website once. But with this strategy you are calling them back to your showroom, your calling them back to your website again and how to do that. This is a very very essential for your business. Because whatever you are making per year, your sales, your growth or whatever with this strategy whatever your business is losing. Whosoever is coming to your showroom, shop or website. They come once, but they never returned again. Just think for a second, so many people come to your website and showrooms and never come back again. If you have their data, then why not to use it. Why not to do something to get them back to your website. To bring them back to your showroom, so that once they come back again. If you really know what they were searching for, what they were looking for, once they visited your website or showroom. If your products or services, whatever were not according to their demand, just try to improve your business, just try to bring those type of products or services so that they should come back again and become your customers.

So how to do this, you should have a fresh content on your website. Make your website SEO optimised. If your website is SEO optimised, you will be visible on the first page of search engines with your competitive keywords. If you are on the first page with your competitive keywords people will definitely visit your website. Once they visit your website, they can become your customers. But if not, how to get them back again to your website or your store. If your website is having a good SEO then you should start the Remarketing strategy in Google and Facebook and without starting the campaigns for the text or whatever because if you start the text campaigns on top of Google search, it involves a very high cost per click price. But if your SEO is good, once the person will click and will come to your website and when you start remarketing strategy the person will come into your remarketing database, so whosoever is coming to your website through SEO is coming into your remarketing list and your banners will be seen on the Google partner sites along with the Facebook or whatever remarketing you want to start in any other search engines, you can do that.

And if you compare price, if someone is searching for a very competitive keyword in the search engines, cost per click is very high but if you get your website optimised the cost per click is very low. It is nothing, you just have to pay is simple monthly cost to your SEO company and when it comes to remarketing, again over here the cost per click is so very very low as compared to the real cost per click if you start any PPC campaign. So in this way whoever is going to come to your website through the SEO optimised keywords, they will see your banners all over the web again and again. This creates a big branding effect and at a very nominal price. So why not to use this strategy and kill the competition.

If you have any queries regarding this, do not hesitate to comment, call or email us. We will be very happy to reply back to you and we are making this video keeping in mind the business community, keeping in mind the entrepreneur like you because all over the internet we have found and researched, people are making video just to educate and just to give the education of SEO but when it comes to the real entrepreneurs you do not have time to go to some institution and learn about the SEO and various online marketing techniques. Why not to just drop in over here and listen to the various tips and tricks. Which you can use yourself or you can hire any company or call G Zone. Ganpati Zone is there for you. To support you and make your business grow. So thank you so much for your precious time. Watch this place for plenty of more valued videos to make your business grow. Bye bye.

Free SEO Tools List from SEO Company Ganpati Zone

Free SEO Tools List from SEO Company Ganpati Zone Contact SEO Consultant Pankaj Verma @ India +91 9811731099 @ United States +1 (661) 553-0393 Please visit:

Ahrefs - Very powerful link building Software.

SEMrush - Keywords, traffic and competitors analysis.

SEO Powersuite - is most effective SEO tool. It has following tools Rank tracker, website autiditor, SEO Spy Glass - explore millions of competiros backlinks. Link assistant - Manage all connections under on roof.

Market Samurai - best Keyword Research and SEO competition modules.

Long Tail Pro - finding profitable keywords.

Raven formely Raven Tools - The SEO module helps to spider your site and provide in detail the audit results.

DeepCrawl - perform in-depth audits at just the click of a button.

Open Link Profiler - provides incredible data about your backlinks.

SEO Auto Linker - Internal Linking needs.

WikiGrabber - find all broken wikipedia links. - it allows you to find the email addresses of websites.

Screaming Frog - save time on your site audits.

Google Analytics - All the actions taken on your website are recorded in Google Analytics. - great keyword suggestion tool.

CanIRank - gives you information how likely site will rank for a particular keyword and provides you with the steps you need to follow to achieve the results.

Seed Keywords - are the keywords what real people search for.

SumoMe - able to collect so much data from your content.

Scraper - to find contact information and creating partnerships or friendships with other sites.

Canva - image creation tool.

Stencil - fast, beautiful images for your social media and blog posts.

WP Smush - removes the needless data and coding from images and increase page spee.

Yoast SEO - Helps to improve the content.

Free SEO Tools List from SEO Company Ganpati Zone

WP Theme Detector - provides you information plugin and tools your competitors are using.

Google Grump Detector - It gives us warning about the fluctuation in rankings and Google algorithm.

GTMetrix - This tool helps to improve the website page speed and much better than Google Page Speed Insights.

Panguin Tool - This tools helps you find if your site is affected by Google algorthm change.

SEO Quake Toolbar - its mini SEMRush helps you to search for your competitors sites and provides vital stats.

WooRank - instant website audits from your browser.

Google Search Console - Also known as Google webmaster tools helps you to make decisions about future SEO strategy.

Google Page Speed Tools - If your website page loads faster you have a great chance of ranking high on search engines.

MozBar - is original and best SEO tool.

UberSuggest - gives you suggestions based on the Keyword ideas.

SiteLiner - This tool helps to find broken links, duplicate content, page power and reports.

Google Keyword Planner Tool - Helps you to choose suggested keywords that relate to your business terms with full metrics.

CheckMyLinks - allows to check all links in your content and makes sure they are valid. It finds broken links and repair them.

SEO Tools for Excel - reports are exported to an excel document using the tool.

ImageRaider - A reverse image search which helps you to find where your images are being used online.

NoFollow - highlights all of the No Follow links on a website.

Digital Marketing - Social Media Marketing

In recent times Digital Marketing has given a new horizon, to the way companies do marketing. Digital media is so pervasive that consumers have access to information any time and any place they want it.

After the global revolution of internet across the world, it has emerged as simplest and the best way to reach the largest amount of potential customers. Some of the popular ways of doing digital marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-commerce Platforms, social media optimization and email direct marketing. Regular blogging is an asset to any internet marketing with success.

Feedback of past customers has now become an important decision maker for other potential customer to buy the products.

Brands have penetrated deeply in market with help of digital marketing platforms like facebook, youtube and can reach to their potential customers very easily. This accessibility improves the relationship of brands with customers by addressing their queries and working on the feedback provided by them.

Businesses collect the information of users online browsing activity from one particular device and show the tailor made advertisements related to their interest. Delivering the marketing to targeted audience, as per the content searched by individuals has become a popular method too.

Digital marketing has to be combined with a strategic plan for its success. The digital marketing strategy should be specific in its objective and purpose. Brands should be clear about their target customers to get maximum output on their digital marketing expenses.

The Big data will continue to rule the strategies & ways of digital marketing, however world has to watch this space more to know how it will revolutionize more.

Improve website page speed for SEO via Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix

Hi I am Pankaj Verma, Project Manager at Ganpati Zone.

Today, we are going to discuss about website page speed.

But before we proceed further let me tell you that the background Músic is by e-soundtrax and its link is given in the description below.

So to improve website page speed for SEO via Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix. Huge ranking factor in SEO is website speed. If your site loads fast, its likely to rank highly and a great customer experience.

We recently improved the speed of our site and so this video is going to help you to optimize your website for fast website page speed and enhance your rankings in search results.

Google PageSpeed Insights - gives you suggestions to optimize the content of your website page for fast page speed.

So what are you waiting for just follow the instructions and go and check how your site is performing in Google PageSpeed Test.

You can go to google search and type Page Speed Insights and then click on Page Speed Insights - Google Developers Link.

Once you click on the link you will be required to enter your website url to know your webpage speed performance. Now HIT the Analyze button and you will get the report for Mobile & Desktop PageSpeed Insights of your website.

You will find optimization suggestions based on the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Try to resolve the issues for fast page speed.

Then you can get a much faster & streamlined site.

Another tool better than Google Page Speed Insights is GTmetrix. Its much better then Google PageSpeed Insights and gives a deeper level of your site analysis.

You will able to access the solutions to your problems and you can resolve them according to your priority.

It means that you can focus your time on the most important factors first and then work down.

Each error report which needs optimization comes with its issue resolving information beneath it to help you understand what needs to be fixed and what its for and you will get more clearity.

Please feel free to comment, discuss, share this video & contact us if you need any further support regarding this issue.

Our team will be happy to support you.

Your feedback will be highly appriciated and ignite us to make more videos & share the latest important SEO techniques with you for boosting your website SEO rankings instantly.

What is PPC, SEO & Google Adwords Management?

PPC, SEO, Paid Ads Advertising, Google Adwords Management Company

What is PPC or SEO Services?

To boost traffic to your web site, you can use Pay-per-click (PPC) services or search engine optimization (SEO). Paid option to bring traffic to your website is PPC advertising. Paid advertising provided by Google is Adwords & Yahoo is Search Marketing & various other options can be explored for PPC ads. SEO should be done by certified SEO professionals as they will follow the guidelines of various search engines or otherwise your site can get blacklisted. Results via SEO optimizers are slow as compared to Paid PPC ads but they build strong base for organic visibility.

What is paid and organic search?

Organic search results or natural rankings are optimized results of your website done by SEO company, consultant, freelancer optimizers. In contrast paid search helps you to display your website in search engine results when someone is looking for specific keywords according to your industry.

What is organic and non-organic clicks?

Organic clicks: When results are visible on search engines because of their relevance for the search terms and they are not considered as advertisements. And, non-organic search results are paid results via (PPC) paid advertising.

What is paid and organic reach?

Paid reach: When your ad is visible to total number of unique people via paid ads. When our post is visible to total number of unique people without paid distribution is called as organic reach.

What is Google Adwords Management?

Google Adwords Management helps to gain visibility of your website by paid ads. Advertisers bid on certain keywords according to their industry. When a user search any keywords in search engines then paid results are displayed and are visible according to the high bidding advertiser. They are above the organic search resuls. These paid ads once clicked takes the user to the landing page of the advertiser where conversion goal, purchase or lead generation is completed. Google Adwords Managers mostly focus on (CPC) cost-per-click and keywords. Paid Ads Optimization Services via SEO Company

What is Adwords campaign?

Adwords campaign is created in Google Adwords and mostly has many ad groups. Diffrent ad text is served under these ad groups based on connected keywords with these ad groups.

Is Google Adwords free?

Yes, Google Adwords is free online advertising tool. You have to add your billing information to activate your account. You are charged only when someone clicks on your ad according to the current bid of your keyword. No click on your ad then no charge.

What is Google ad?

Google marketing tool, Google Adwords is a online keyword bidding system where advertisers bid for keywords according to their industry. The higest bidding keywords appear on Google search results when user search for your high bid keywords. When the user clicks on these ads Google charges the bid amount from the advertiser and user is taken to the landing page of the advertiser.

Why any company should use Google Ads?

Google Adwords or PPC platform if optimized by professionals can save time and money of the organization and give desired ROI to the company.

PPC Campaign Optimizer

Ganpati Zone SEO Company - PPC Campaign Optimizer helps to improve Return Over Investment (ROI) for PPC campaigns. Contact us to enhance the reach and build marketing strategy optimization according to PPC campaigns strategy.

Improve Return Over Investment (ROI) for PPC campaigns.

It has become very harder for the brands to get more organic reach and connect with the audience. To get attention of the audience, what I personally feel that many companies will take help of Search Engine Marketing to enhance the reach and build marketing strategy according to PPC campaigns.

Improving AdWords efficiency or any campaign conversion rate optimisation with various approaches will definitely boost ROI without spending more budget.

Following are the important factors for generating more conversions in PPC campaigns.

Improve quality score of your keywords.

The business model of search engines is based on to provide relevant search results. Organic as well as paid results.

Your keyword is assigned a quality score by Google. Cost per click bid along with quality score determines the ad rank.

The quality score is determined by three factors.

1.Relevance of keyword with ad copy.

2. Landing page optimization according to your keywords.

3. High level of engagement via click through rate.

Quality score can be improved if we take care of click through rate. Therefore as a PPC optimizer you should always start with optimizing the CTR.

You should take care that are your keywords are really aligned with your campaign content. Your ad campaign should have the various keywords which the user may type in the Google search to get relevant results.

It's advisable to have each campaign targeted to a particular keyword of a product or service, with a specific ad group so that this gives the user relevant search results for increasing click through rate.

Relevancy of the keywords,ad copy and the landing page experience is very important. If an ad group is targeting for a particular keyword then search results should be according to the user searches. If someone is searching for "women red dresses" and if same is our keyword. Then it targets to that particular ad group so our ad copy which is aligned with this keyword will show in Google results "women red dresses" and when a user see this result and as our ad copy according to the user searching keywords, so the user is more likely to click on our ad which shows the similar content as per the searching keywords.

Remarketing or retargeting ads

When visitors comes to your site and they really do not understand your type of services or is not impressed by your landing page and leaves your website. This is considered as a bounce rate. This means the customer has left your website and will never come again. So we should consider this as an opportunity which might have been converted into business but its lost because our website or landing page was not up to the visitors expectations. So to regain these type of visitors, we should take care of them by using remarketing ads. These types of ads help bringing lost visitors who have previously visited our website. our retargeting or remarketing ads will follow them. We should try to make our retargeting/remarketing ads with different ad content copy so to take this ads to the next level. The content should be such that should bring the user one step closer to the company and we should try giving some benefits, discounts and offers so that this might give attraction to the user to contact you via phone call or by various any other means and for doing this you should restructure your landing pages because these are the visitors who have already visited your website and gone without any interaction.

Remarketing ads should be addressed to each individual in a specific way if someone is searching for black shoes our retargeting remarketing ads should follow that person only with black shoes. Various other factors are also involved in this this will be taken care in the next article.

Different type of customers have different tastes and respond differently. So we must split test our remarketing ads strategy and compare the results. Some customers might respond to images ads and some might respond to the video ads.

If you are in touch with your local influencers in your target market then you should connect them. Your audience will easily connect with them & helps in increasing the trust factor.

The main reason for the remarketing ads is to bring back the lost customers and this is the best way and great opportunity for us if we can add value to our strategy funnel.

The power of Machine learning AI

For a high performance of your AdWords account you have to give some time for machine to really understand your account strategy to give you the best output. According to the AdWords, budget management & automatic bids can be taken care much better than the individuals. If we further optimize machine learning we can get much more filtered and desired results.

Ad extensions

They expand the ad with more text information. Connecting with the customers and giving them a reason to click on your ads. Ad extensions increase the ad click through rate.

Various Ad extensions are:

Sitelink Extensions: Links to relevant pages on your website.

Callout Extensions: Add on text what you offer. Example free delivery.

Structured Snippets: You can add product specifications.

Location Extension: Address or telephone numbers.

As more searches are on mobile devices these days so the following extensions are very important for mobile ads.

Message Extensions: User can send text message to the advertiser from mobile ads.

Call Extensions: User clicks the ad and call gets connected with the advertiser.

Advanced Targeting

Many people are aware about the targeting in the Facebook but still majority of the people are unaware of this functionality which is provided by Google AdWords. Google has a tremendous data and they allow the users to use the data according to the business requirements. The data is available in the various categories like telecommunications, travel and real estate etc.

You just need a specific strategy to target various social media sites & Google AdWords according to your company's marketing requirements. For details Contact Us.

Paid Ads Optimization Services via SEO Company

Paid Ads Optimization Services via SEO Company Ganpati Zone. You need to have a strategy to optimize Paid Ad campaigns. Pay Per Click campaigns or search engine marketing will not be success if you do not get organic traffic to your website via SEO services.

You need to have a strategy to optimise paid ad campaigns. New product/ services launched by pay per click campaigns or search engine marketing will not be a success if you have not done the groundwork which is necessary for the promotion of your online venture.

You might be under the impression that getting more exposure and visitors to your website is enough and you will be able to sell more products. More visitors to your site means more sales more conversions, perfect?

Sorry, you are wrong.

Your priority should not be Paid Ads. What might seem as a attraction to you for instant results might not be true in reality. The process of online marketing/ online advertising is very very unpredictable. Let's go in detail ins and outs of marketing for your agency to market your products/ services.

Major reasons for the Paid Ads campaign failure.

Your company starts an advertising campaign and you purchase LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ads. You can also use AdWords and Google display network as your main concern is to drive more traffic to your site. The logic which you think is if you have more traffic it will convert into business and conversion means more money for you.

This platform do not understand about your company therefore the end result is high cost per click rate. To get the benefits of the Paid Ads, the visitor to your site should have a high user engagement if you are new on your products or services and you and your company is unknown online so you will not be able to achieve high user engagement on your website.

Paid Ads just provide you with an opportunity to bring in traffic to your website, with no high user engagement and you can just sit back and watch the high traffic which results in low click through rate and low engagement at your side. Due to this cost per click rate goes high.

New companies mostly fall into this vicious cycle of Paid Ads marketing.

Just try to think for a second, if your audience does not recognise you or is not able to really understand what you are trying to sell. So definitely they will not have any interest in you. So with no interest, means they will not buy the services or products from you. There will be no user engagement at your site or at your campaign level, which results in high cost. The company will suffer wastage of resources of money and time.

Solution for this is that you should not take paid advertising approach first, but try to get exposure for your company's website. Try to get Search Engine Optimisation. Get your company visible in the organic search. This will lead to high customer engagement and trust level in your target zone. So you should avoid wasting money on the Paid Ads initially and try to wait till the solid foundation with the organic and white hat SEO, which will increase traffic to your website. This process is slow but will build a strong foundation for your business website.

If your website SEO in the organic results is correct. You will see your company name (Ganpati Zone search result snapshot in Google Search) on the top of Google search without paying anything for the Paid Ads. With other keywords your company should also be visible on top of search engine results.

Paid Ads Optimization Services via SEO Company

And all this very important. If your website is on top of Google search results, more people will see and visit your website and as they visit your website they will interact with it, engage with the content on your website. Hence the trust of your brand name increases if most of the time with all your keywords you are always ranking on top of major search engines.

Major factor for paid advertising is that you should have a solid hi-level of user engagement of your site before you start with Paid Ads. It's only after the high user engagement at your site your Paid Ads will provide you the optimum result with high engagement at low cost per click and conversions.

Second most important factor is that you have to really understand about your audience. Who they are? Which social media sites they visit most? What is their age? What is their location/ demographics. If you know all this then it becomes very easy for you to target your product or service to a particular location or a target zone.

So to start with, if you have a high level of a user engagement at your site. Which is done by the SEO and organic search results so chances are that these type of users already know your company brand name as they previously already had visited your website. You must target these users for your paid ad campaigns for your sales. You should plan remarketing ad campaigns or other type of campaigns where you can get the users back to your site who have already trust levels with your company will definitely have increased high engagement level plus the cost per click will reduce tremendously. Which means gain for business organisation.

Sometimes, when you are browsing through Facebook Twitter or any social media site. All of a sudden you see some sponsored ad listings which might appear before you and you might not at all be interested in that particular product or service. Sometimes you think why I am seeing this particular ad, as you are not really interested in this type of a product or service. The reason is simple that company who is doing this Paid Ads has not really done the research for the target location users, interest or habits and that is the reason you see the ad which are not valid or useful for you and due to this increase wastage cost for the company for using this type of Paid Ads without actually knowing the audience for their business.

So you have to work hard to eliminate all these types of audience which are really not useful for your business products or services. So you have to target your ads for better results.

Another important factor is that, there should be some connection between your keywords, ads and the landing pages. You will very surprised that majority of campaigns have no cohesion between landing pages, ads and keywords.

For example if in Google search a user types SEO company in Palam Vihar and you see ad campaign on top of Google search results which mentions SEO company in New Delhi and when a person clicks on this ad it takes person to the page SEO company in USA. So hope you try to really understand the person is searching the SEO companies in Palam Vihar which is in Gurugram/Gurgaon in Haryana but the top ad campaign which the users see is SEO company New Delhi so if person clicked on this and he was taken to a page with the SEO company USA. User experience is affected and chances for the higher level of user engagement is very low. So what is recommended is that that your keywords should work in cohesion with your ad campaigns and landing pages so the user experience and engagement also increases.

The speed of your landing page is very important, in other words how much time your landing page takes to load on desktop or a mobile device. First impression is the last impression in business. So if your website or landing page takes too much time to load chances are that the user will move to the next option and does you will miss a business opportunity.

How to have a very fast and a successful landing page experience. Try to understand what your client is really looking for and then provide a relevant content, image, video or whatever according to your business requirements and try to reduce the file size of the images or videos. If you optimise the page correctly the landing page speed will increase.

Landing page experience for the visitor should be very easy and it should not in any way irritate the user otherwise you will experience bounce rate & the visitor will go from your website.

Having call to action phrases, buttons or links are very important and they should be placed in front, centre of the sides in order to be visible and making the navigation on your page very easy to understand by your visitor. Always keep in mind that the visitors are always impatient and if they are not able to find what they were looking for they will go to your competitors website.

Unnecessary gaps on in your website should be avoided because the effect the UX of your site.

For fast page loading speed you can also use the services of CDN content delivery networks. Other easy way is to minify the HTML, JavaScript, images, videos file so that the page load much faster than before.

If you are having a problem building a targeted traffic to your website don't just plan for the Paid Ads campaign. Just try to work on the basics, the organic search results so that you should raise awareness about your brand and cultivate the levels of trust and loyalty of your customers and once you achieve this and you see that there should be connection between your keywords, ad campaigns & landing pages and page must load very fast. Then you should plan for the paid ad campaigns for the success of your online business venture. For details Contact Us.

Online Reputation management is important for your organisation | SEO Consultant Pankaj Verma

Online Advertising Services | Remarketing Ads Optimization Company

Ganpati Zone SEO Company leader in Online Advertising services. Our role is to generate more sales & leads for the maximum ROI for our clients advertising efforts Lead generation via interactive videos, social media content & remarketing ads optimization.

Critical statistics of Online Advertising | More details:

Ganpati Zone leader in Online Advertising. Our role is to generate more sales & leads for the maximum ROI for our clients advertising efforts. This year there will be an increased dominance of lead generation via interactive videos & social media content. These are going to play a major role for online business success.

Artificial Intelligence with the new search algorithm and conversion optimisation will impact your brand this year. Due to this vast opportunities will be created for the skilful entrants in Online Advertising.

In the digital space we should use this opportunity to our maximum advantage. Survival of Online Advertising. There are lot of online businesses who want to dominate and capture the ever-growing online audience and thus making the whole scenario very very competitive.

As a matter of fact currently we have more than a billion blogs and websites around the world. For example Tumblr has 40 million blogs.

How to dominate and become the first choice of online visitors. Importance of remarketing. This helps to improve the conversion rates and improves ROI. The previous website or social media visitors will see your ads again and again via online remarketing. According to expert Jeffrey Lant we must contact our prospect minimum of 7 times in 18 months.

Remarketing reduces cost per click and increases remarketing relevancy. We spend a lot on a typical ads but when it comes to the remarketing the conversion rates at the click through rate are very minimal. This is the reason that remarketing will remain the first choice of online advertising this year.

Nurture consumer online reviews. For online dominance of your business you should always take advantage of the online reviews by your customers. A recent survey conducted and it was reported that more than 88% of online customers always trust online reviews and take decision. Hence we cannot ignore the importance of reviews online significance which helps in increasing sales and conversions.

This reviews helps corporations to really understand their customers in a better way and sometimes additional marketing opportunities can also be created .Unbiased reviews from various sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp helps the potential consumer to make a decision instantly.

Online Advertising is very different from traditional advertising mediums like radio, newspaper or tv ads. Online Advertising provides greater insights and a vast reach in a short span of time as compared to the traditional advertising methods.

Important advertising metric is CPM. To calculate CPM just divide the impressions you have gained from the ad campaigns by the total amount spent for a particular campaign and multiply by 1000.

For businesses who want to expand their business will have to work on there online awareness campaign and minimising the CPM for maximum online reach and awareness.

Assigning a value to your brand awareness campaigns. You can very easily understand its effectiveness. You can do the conversion tracking for each new signups, e-commerce sales, customer enquiries or phone calls.

Very important point for you to understand that how much is your company ready to pay for each visitor to interact or engage with your business. Measuring your website traffic and the people who are really eager to purchase your services. This is important for the success of your organization.

Such as Alexa really help you to get more insights like the visitors to your website, from where they came how much time they spent your on your website and actions they took when before they left your website.

Similarly the cost per click and click through rate gives you immense insights of how much you spend online. With this you will know the performance of your keywords and adjust according to your company's goals.

Certified Local SEO Professionals

Finally you should spend in areas where you are getting more return over investments and hence you get a competitive dominance over your competitors. you should also measure the consumer behaviour, how the clients engage with your business online and develop new operational and marketing procedures for maximum business development. For details Contact Us.

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