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Posted by Pankaj Verma on Thursday, April 5, 2018

Pankaj from Gurugram is MBA Marketing from AIMA (All India Management Association) India. He found his way into marketing as a geeky hobby. Having worked part-time SEO Freelancer at a full service digital agency during his training, he’d rank his friends’ websites for competitive terms just to see if he could. Eventually, businesses noticed and requested that he’d start offering SEO Consultancy services. Since 2008, he has worked on accounts of all sizes from two-person companies to household names.

He’s worked at two full-service agencies and an organic marketing agency; firstly as a SEO Exec, then Technical Lead and most recently Head of Search. After substantially growing the search department at his last agency, Pankaj moved on to head up the search team here at GANPATI ZONE. Telephone:+91 9811731099, +1 (661) 553-0393





Starting new business?

Starting new business? VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Hi again from Pankaj, Ganpati Zone. So if you starting a new venture, new business in your mind so definitely the company's name you must have registered or you are in the process of registering your company's name. So next comes the domain name. Domain name represent your company online. So it's very important to select the domain name which should be very easy to write and recollect by your end users, by your target audience. So basically, the other point is you should use the domain name according to your industry and your branding plus there are various other sites from where you can purchase old domain names, like there might be some companies who must be, must have done some business like your business, so they might not be doing the business just now and the domain must have expired, but those domain names might have good SEO value. So you have to just search online the resellers of old domain names in your niche according to your industry and it if it is having good as you value, so you should go in for that because if you select those domain names and build your website accordingly so definitely your SEO power will be boosted instantly. But the points to be taken care of is that those domains should not be spammed or should not have anything against any search engine policies. So if you take this much care, so you are a step ahead of your competitors. Now the second step and the most important step is your website. Website represents your company online. Even if you have a good showroom or office but no one is going to come to your office straight. The first impression is the last impression, the first impression is your website. Many people just want one page website, not costly website but its wrong. Your website should be the best one in your industry and best among your competitors in your target area, so that whosoever is searching for you or your type of keywords definitely he will take the quotations from you and your competitors and if your site is good, your price is good definitely you will catch the deal. So basics is a good website. The structure of the website, the SEO structure of the website should be great. The website should have the latest technology for your website and content on your website should be fresh and not copied from any website. Website images should be very lite, means that images used on the website should be optimized in such a way so that when the site is downloading on mobile devices or the desktop it opens, it should open very fast because if the images are heavy the load time increases and this affects the ranking on the search engines of your website. So these basically are few important tips and tricks if you follow definitely your SEO power of the website will get boosted instantly. So once you are done with your site, contact form or the chat on your website are very important and your contact number and address and other details which you want really want to highlight should be visible on the first page itself and highlight it, because you should not want that the your customers should skip that and if there is any offer going on it should be very very very much visible to the visitors on your website and web site should be mobile responsive means like on the mobile devices it should have different structure of the desktop different structure and the phone numbers on the mobile devices should be clickable if someone sees your mobile number he clicks and directly gives you a call. And once your website is done you should get backup of your website from your website developer because if something happens, developers goes away somewhere, you are stuck up. So basics is that once the website is complete get the backup on a cd so if something happens, you can use the backup or otherwise you will have to get again website done and take all those lot of pains. Once your website is done next step is to try to register your website to the local search engines for the local target area where you want to expand your business. It can be local, international if you can do this yourself that's great if you want to hire some company, you can hire some company. If you hire professionals work will be done very fast you will be receiving enquiries and all the things because if you are not expert in this thing so definitely you will not be able to catch the market as your competitors are already doing. So the basics is you should follow your strategy and once you follow your strategy and if you always take care of what your competitors are doing in your niche, if your competitors are following a strategy your policy should be one step ahead of them. If you are not one step ahead of them chances are you are loosing a business, you are loosing a business deal. So basically do smart work and not hard work. And with smart work you will definately catch your deal and be a leader in your industry. The next point which i really want to mention which some people ask us like in social media, google adwords if they can do themselves why they should hire the companies to do that particular type of advertising and my answer is very simple. Like you are having a fever you go to a doctor or you go to a chemist. I am sure you go to the doctor. Because self medication is sometimes very harmful for you because working on your ads and working on your social media yourself you can catch a deal, few deals but you can not kill the competition, you can't become the leader, you can't know what your competitors are doing because it is not your field. Companies like us who are working 24 hours and doing this type of work know what competitors strategy is what we should do according to the Google policies. So that our site should not get spammed by various search engines because their are number of things which has to be done according to the policies and in the right way to kill the competition. This is the only reason that you should get your social media, seo, ppc, adwords done by certified professionals who are expert in this. Because when you are doing all these things yours main concern is that you want to be the leader in you industry and its just not like you are spending money and you get few orders and you are happy. No you are getting all the things because you want to be the leader in your industry and that is the reason you have to find the best companies who can offer you their skills so that you should be the leader. And next comes the PPC, once you have the solid foundations of SEO next step is PPC. Because when someone is searching for your kind of keywords with SEO it takes time to come up in google search engines, some keywords are very hard to get on the search engines. So basically you should have a plan. Some keywords should be done by SEO and some should be done via PPC (Pay per click) they are called the sponsored listings.This can be on facebook, google adwords, bing, yahoo search marketing according to your business and according to your strategy you have to use and if you do not know, you can use the company like us, can guide you properly so that you can get your return of investment. And once you start with paid campaigns it becomes killer campaigns for your competitors because you will be seen on the top of paid results and when someone scrolls done you will be also there in the organic listings. So the chances are that for all your major keywords if you are on the first page you will definitely crack the deal. Because if someone is searching for your kind of business he will definitely not search only one keyword, he will definitely search few keywords in your industry and if for all the major keywords of your industry, you are ranking on the first page, on the paid listings and on the organic listings. The chances are very very high that you will be the leader in your industry. So if you have any other query, questions please do not hesitate just comment over here. Give us call, send us email we are there to help you, support you, so that your business should prosper, grow and definitely if you are connected with us. You grow and we also grow along with you. Thank you so much. Have a great day. Bye Bye from Ganpati Zone.

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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International SEO Multilingual and Multiregional SEO Services. If you are targeting your website with english keywords, then you are only touching 25% of the global population. About 75% around world, people speak different languages and are located in different countries. They can also become your clients, if your website is visible with their local keyword languages. These people from different countries might require your type of products or services and might be having more purchasing power for your business. Currently, you might be focusing on your particular market, where you have been doing business since many years. Now it's time to change, take the advantage of this SEO technology. It's very cheap. You do not have to change your website in the foreign languages. For example Spanish, German etc. You just need a one page website seo to be converted into the local language of your target country and then we will be submitting that particular page to that particular countries local search engines. Not only we will target a specific country but we will target a specific audience for that particular type of language. For example, if you are targeting spanish language, then we will be geo targeting world, people who speaks spanish and who do search on google spanish, they will see your results from around the world from any location. It's not limited traffic, it's unlimited traffic, which you have to explore by using the power of multilingual and multi regional SEO services. For more details contact us.

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Google Ad Extensions - Google AdWords Management Company

Hello! Pankaj from Ganpati Zone. We provide tips and tricks to enhance your visibility online. If you want to get connected with us then please LIKE this page. Watch this video till end to know how you can improve Click Through Rate (CTR) in the Google AdWords Management. Google Ad extensions in Google AdWords are very important, not only they increase the size of your Google AdWords in the display screen. Plus they provide added information to the visitor and results in increase click through rate. Types of various call out extensions are: call extensions, callout extensions, message extensions, price extensions, message extensions, affiliate location extensions, location extensions, social extensions, product extensions, seller ratings review extensions, structured snippet extensions, automated extensions, app extensions, sitelinks extensions. For detail visit:

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hi, this is Pankaj, project manager at Ganpati Zone. We bring you tips and tricks to enhance your visibility online. So if you want to get connected with us just LIKE this page for future tips and tricks. So watch this video till end to know how you can optimize Facebook images for SEO. Just go to your Facebook page and click on any image and on the right hand bottom corner you will see options. Click on the options. Then you will see information to change the alt tag. Just write description of your image/photo and click the save button. So now, your Facebook image is SEO optimised. Take care bye bye.

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Monday, April 23, 2018

How to add subtitle/ captions to your Facebook/ Youtube videos

How to add subtitle/ captions to your Facebook/ Youtube videos. **Code** Time format: hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds 1 00:00:20,000 --> 00:00:24,400 Hi! 2 00:00:24,600 --> 00:00:27,800 Add Subtitle/ Captions

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Sunday, April 22, 2018

Using Microdata with for SEO

Using Microdata with for SEO SEO along with collection of vocabularies provide more relevant results in search engines. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Schema expert, Schema professional, Schema company, Schema optimization, Schema freelancer, Schema consulting, Schema consultancy, Schema optimizer, Schema programmer, Schema coder

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Saturday, April 21, 2018

By integrating Facebook messenger chat on your website you can convert visitors as loyal customers.

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Friday, April 20, 2018

Google Adwords & Facebook Remarketing Strategy via SEO

Google Adwords & Facebook Remarketing Strategy via SEO. Bring back visitors to your shop/ website again. Just connect Remarketing with your SEO Strategy & save money for high bid keywords. To know full process, tips & tricks just listen/ watch full video. - Pankaj Verma - SEO Consultant at SEO Company - Video Details: Good morning, good afternoon & good evening. Whatever the time zone you are in. So today, this video Pankaj from G Zone, Ganpati Zone is going to tell you, how to connect the remarketing Facebook and remarketing of Google with your SEO and enhance your visibility. If you use the paid marketing directly, it is very very costly. But in this video, we are going to tell you that tips and tricks. Which you can use with the remarketing strategy. Your business will zoom. So watch/ listen this video till end to know the details which you should use in your business strategy to enhance your sales. So What is remarketing? Remarketing means all the visitors who have visited your shop, showroom or website once. But with this strategy you are calling them back to your showroom, your calling them back to your website again and how to do that. This is a very very essential for your business. Because whatever you are making per year, your sales, your growth or whatever with this strategy whatever your business is losing. Whosoever is coming to your showroom, shop or website. They come once, but they never returned again. Just think for a second, so many people come to your website and showrooms and never come back again. If you have their data, then why not to use it. Why not to do something to get them back to your website. To bring them back to your showroom, so that once they come back again. If you really know what they were searching for, what they were looking for, once they visited your website or showroom. If your products or services, whatever were not according to their demand, just try to improve your business, just try to bring those type of products or services so that they should come back again and become your customers. So how to do this, you should have a fresh content on your website. Make your website SEO optimised. If your website is SEO optimised, you will be visible on the first page of search engines with your competitive keywords. If you are on the first page with your competitive keywords people will definitely visit your website. Once they visit your website, they can become your customers. But if not, how to get them back again to your website or your store. If your website is having a good SEO then you should start the Remarketing strategy in Google and Facebook and without starting the campaigns for the text or whatever because if you start the text campaigns on top of Google search, it involves a very high cost per click price. But if your SEO is good, once the person will click and will come to your website and when you start remarketing strategy the person will come into your remarketing database, so whosoever is coming to your website through SEO is coming into your remarketing list and your banners will be seen on the Google partner sites along with the Facebook or whatever remarketing you want to start in any other search engines, you can do that. And if you compare price, if someone is searching for a very competitive keyword in the search engines, cost per click is very high but if you get your website optimised the cost per click is very low. It is nothing, you just have to pay is simple monthly cost to your SEO company and when it comes to remarketing, again over here the cost per click is so very very low as compared to the real cost per click if you start any PPC campaign. So in this way whoever is going to come to your website through the SEO optimised keywords, they will see your banners all over the web again and again. This creates a big branding effect and at a very nominal price. So why not to use this strategy and kill the competition. If you have any queries regarding this, do not hesitate to comment, call or email us. We will be very happy to reply back to you and we are making this video keeping in mind the business community, keeping in mind the entrepreneur like you because all over the internet we have found and researched, people are making video just to educate and just to give the education of SEO but when it comes to the real entrepreneurs you do not have time to go to some institution and learn about the SEO and various online marketing techniques. Why not to just drop in over here and listen to the various tips and tricks. Which you can use yourself or you can hire any company or call G Zone. Ganpati Zone is there for you. To support you and make your business grow. So thank you so much for your precious time. Watch this place for plenty of more valued videos to make your business grow. Bye bye.

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Google AdWords Optimization for Local Business

Google AdWords Optimization for Local Business. Basics explained via SEO & Adwords Consultant - Pankaj Verma - Ganpati Zone - SEO Company - For Ad Words related consultancy you can connect us at > India +91 9811731099 > United States +1 (661) 553-0393

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Google Adwords Management Company

Google Adwords Management Company provides Ad Words Management Services via Certified Adwords Professionals from India & USA. For best results you require solid foundations of SEO before you start PPC (Pay Per Click), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Google Adwords Campaigns.

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Monday, April 16, 2018

Link Building campaigns for SEO Companies

Link Building campaigns for SEO Companies are now so much easier with Intro: It allows you to find email addresses for a large number of websites. More than what are actually mentioned on the websites. You can have direct access to the current valid real email addresses. You just need to enter the name of the website and email addresses connected with that site will be visible.

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Sunday, April 15, 2018

Link Building campaigns for SEO Companies

Link Building campaigns for SEO Companies are now so much easier with Live Demo - It allows you to find email addresses for a large number of websites. More than what are actually mentioned on the websites. You can have direct access to the current valid real email addresses. You just need to enter the name of the website and email addresses connected with that site will be visible.

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Sunday, April 15, 2018

Improve website page speed for SEO via Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix.

Improve website page speed for SEO via Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix. For details visit: Hi I am Pankaj Verma, Project Manager at Ganpati Zone. Today, we are going to discuss about website page speed. But before we proceed further let me tell you that the background Músic is by e-soundtrax and its link is given in the description below. So to improve website page speed for SEO via Google PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix. Huge ranking factor in SEO is website speed. If your site loads fast, its likely to rank highly and a great customer experience. We recently improved the speed of our site and so this video is going to help you to optimize your website for fast website page speed and enhance your rankings in search results. Google PageSpeed Insights - gives you suggestions to optimize the content of your website page for fast page speed. So what are you waiting for just follow the instructions and go and check how your site is performing in Google PageSpeed Test. You can go to google search and type Page Speed Insights and then click on Page Speed Insights - Google Developers Link. Once you click on the link you will be required to enter your website url to know your webpage speed performance. Now HIT the Analyze button and you will get the report for Mobile & Desktop PageSpeed Insights of your website. You will find optimization suggestions based on the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Try to resolve the issues for fast page speed. Then you can get a much faster & streamlined site. Another tool better than Google Page Speed Insights is GTmetrix. Its much better then Google PageSpeed Insights and gives a deeper level of your site analysis. You will able to access the solutions to your problems and you can resolve them according to your priority. It means that you can focus your time on the most important factors first and then work down. Each error report which needs optimization comes with its issue resolving information beneath it to help you understand what needs to be fixed and what its for and you will get more clearity. For more details click on the description link of this video. Please feel free to comment, discuss, share this video & contact us if you need any further support regarding this issue. Our team will be happy to support you. Please let us know if this video is useful for you. Your feedback will be highly appriciated and ignite us to make more videos & share the latest important SEO techniques with you for boosting your website SEO rankings instantly. ------- Background Músic by e-soundtrax:

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Online Reputation Management is important for your organisation | SEO Consultant Pankaj Verma | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click above links for FREE Online Reputation Management Consultancy Services from SEO Company. What are your companies resolution and goal for this year. Is reputation management one of them. If yes, then your company should make sure that the targets are achieved well in time. If it's not in the list, no problem you still have plenty of time to start building solid foundations for the reputation management of your company. Most companies sometimes do not really know that how to maintain the reputation of the organisation. In other words how to manage companies reputation. Today we will explain you the points Which you should take care for maintaining your company's reputation. Reputation management should be one of the major strategy plans for your organisation. You will have to develop them. And discovered the various areas where your company is lagging behind, try to improve or suggest some points for improvements, this can be for your staff, product or services. If you plan this way you will come to know what reputation management strategy and what activities are required by keeping the goals of the company in your mind. You should train your employees well as they are the ambassadors of your company . Training is the key for positive employees behaviour and they are walking advertisements of your company at all times. Are your employees aware of companies target and strategy? Do they know about company mission, vision & culture? These are the very important issues which every employee in the company should be aware from the bottom receptionist, next comes sales executive and to the top of the department head, they should all know the above mentioned goals/ aims of the company. Make sure the information of the above issues is readily available to your employees at all times. Company should be Proactive for online reputation. Some companies feel that any fake or negative views on social media is not going to harm them as they are doing the good job and and their current clients are happy. But for example what about those people who still do not know your company or its culture and if they, for the first time find your organisation on social media with fake reviews or information. So even if you are providing the best services in the industry but for the outsiders it will create a negative impact and this will be very positive for your competitors. They can take advantage of getting you negative reviews. Negative or fake content about your company on various sites if not detected or taken care can result in very big headache for your social media reputation department. As it is very hard to remove any fake or negative reviews content from various websites & social media sites. So it's your company's reputation and you are responsible for a positive representation of your company so that it creates positive Vibes online and you will be surprised that this will tremendously have a positive effect in the growth of your company's revenue and positive presentation to your new business partners or associates. Recently we have witnessed many social media blunders in corporate segment which are enough to convince any organisation that management of Online Reputation is very important. Major corporates know that any fake content/ negative comments or any offensive comments can cause negative effects in the minds of its consumers if social media is not protected via online reputation team of the organisation. Reputation Management must be considered as a core and basic concern for the growth of any organisation. You cannot ignore this. We should develop a strategy for our organisation and try to achieve our plans and while doing so we should clearly have the do's and don'ts for our social media policy. These small steps if followed as a plan will result very fruitful for any organisation future growth and development. For details: Contact Us Today!

Posted by Pankaj Verma on Thursday, April 5, 2018

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